Hi all - only ~24 hours in and we’ve gotten an overwhelming response! I wanted to summarize some of the most important questions I’ve heard consistently (both through direct messages and in the public channel) - these will all eventually make it in to the FAQs on the store.

a. How do the deals work?

A longer blogpost is in the works, but the high level of how this flow will work:
When you receive your drives, you will register them along with your miner_id on an onboarding app
When the network goes live, you’ll be able to add yourself to a queue for our storage client to make deals with your miner
Your miner will get a script that will enable you imports for the deals proposed by our client. Note this works just like normal deals, except instead of transferring data over graphsync, your script will read off a mounted hard drive.
This offline deal functionality is a new feature that our team is tip of spear on testing - we will be looking for volunteers to take early shipments of drives to ensure this process is smooth.

b. What would be the estimated rewards? When will they get the rewards for the one-year storage?

The rewards will be distributed over the course of the contract (in the form of the increased block reward). The final weight for verified data has not been determined. Lastly, the price of Filecoin will be determined by the market post launch.

c. Can I purchase the hard drive now?

Yes - though a few important notes before you place an order!
We are still in the process of setting up components of Filecoin Discover, so first shipments are still several weeks away - part of our process involves robust testing of the offline deal flow. We will be keeping this group informed as we make progress. If you have questions about your order, please ping me (@jnthnvctr), @davie, @pheinz . For general questions about the project, keep them coming in the channel and we’ll all tag team answers
We recognize that there are a lot of moving pieces, and as more clarity lands around components (e.g. specifics on verified data) people may want to cancel their orders. We will refund any request for drives that have not been shipped (including orders that have been partially fulfilled). Before we begin shipments, we will give advanced notie.
We actively will be aiming to reduce the costs of these drives for miners. As we procure more drives, if we can get better rates and drop prices we will do so. If we can find ways to optimize (from your feedback) - we will.
A few folks have reached out and asked if we can accommodate some custom shipping / payment options - as much as we reasonably can, we will. Please ping me and I’ll work with your team.
Lastly, BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER - please familiarize yourself with the mining requirements for lotus.

d. General questions about verified data

A few folks have asked about verified data - a few important notes:
Verified data is not meant to be scarce - while this project is one source it will not be the only one. Our storage client will be going through the same process (more information to come later) as other clients that want to be verified.
Other details of verified data are still subject to change - expect to hear more updates on this from other team members.
This data comes to you unsealed. We’ve actually preprocessed the data to prep it for efficient retrieval later on.
We are looking for more valuable data - the process of actually preprocessing / packaging / shipping data turns out to be pretty complex! We’re hoping to expand our pipeline to support more projects/teams that may not have the means to run this process themselves. In the future, we hope to open source / share documentation and learnings so other can coordinate and run similar efforts.

e. Are we sold out?

Short answer is no. We have a number of drives that we had initially prepared which is dwarfed by the massive demand, but we will procure and process more. Verified data is not meant to be scarce, and neither is the data we want to live on Filecoin. We will procure and ramp our production to meet demand.
We have a pretty large variation in order size - so when we do start shipping (still several weeks away), we will aim to uniformly allocate drives (so everyone gets some drives) before going back to fulfill the rest of the larger orders.

f. Drive questions

There is no limit on how many drives you can order, but we will regardless be breaking up shipments into smaller chunks for fulfillment. Larger orders may take a longer time to fulfill (as per the above). However, we plan on running this process for awhile, so feel free to come back to the store and place orders later as well.
Support for other formats - we want to be as accommodating as possible. As of now, our pipeline is focused on 8TB drives, but if we can collect enough demand, we can likely do a one off for creating 16TB drives (a slight tweak in our process that we’ll have to schedule). We may not be able to do this immediately, but we will do our best to support.
We have a number of new data sources in the pipeline, stay tuned as more projects add their data
Some general comments from me:
This project has many moving pieces under the surface - so if you have questions or concerns please flag them to us. Just to flag - we’re developing a lot of new tooling / stress testing less utilized parts of the protocol, so we ask for your patience as we ramp up.
And as a final note - we’re really grateful and excited that you all are helping push this vision for Filecoin forward. Thank you all!

a、 交易如何运作?
b、 估计回报是多少?他们什么时候能拿到一年储存的奖励?
c、 我现在可以买硬盘吗?
*我们仍在建立Filecoin Discover组件的过程中,因此第一批发货还有几周的时间-我们的过程的一部分涉及对离线交易流的强大测试。当我们取得进展时,我们将随时通知这个小组。如果您对您的订单有任何疑问,请给我打电话(@jnthnvctr)、@davie、@pheinz。对于项目的一般问题,让他们进入频道,我们都会标记团队的答案
d、 关于验证数据的一般问题
e、 我们卖完了吗?
f、 提出问题